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The Story

Erin & Sarah first met when Erin was a Marketing Brand Manager at a major baby product company and Sarah was a Stylist for product photoshoots. Both were expecting baby boys at the same time and they bonded over their shared excitement and anxious anticipation... 


Erin started Momma Love because she was inspired by her own journey to become a mom. After suffering 8 miscarriages, and losing her own mom to breast cancer – she understood the importance of the bond between a mother and child. Her mother handed her a miracle baby in a dream, and she is now a mom to Elijah 4, and Xavier 3. With over 10 years in manufacturing baby and children’s products for global brands, she was inspired by a connection with a little birdie (her mom) to start something new.    


Sarah joined forces with Erin when they reconnected (five babies between them later) over coffee to chat motherhood and creative endeavors. After losing her first child, Henry, following a traumatic birth injury, Sarah went on to have two girls, Emily 3, and Eve 1. As a working mother, Sarah has always felt strongly that any work that took her away from time with her children needed to bring more than a paycheck; Sarah wants to have her girls grow up seeing their mom love the work she does and to see first-hand just what paying it forward means, and the difference it can make. Sarah is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and worked for Ralph Lauren Childrenswear before going out on her own.