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My momma taught me at a young age that service was important.  We went to food shelters on holidays and we gave money to the homeless beggars on the side of the road.  Giving back is incredibly important to me, and it is something I am excited to teach the boys. 

Since both boys were premies and spent considerable time in the NICU - that became close to our heart.  Elijah was born at 32 weeks with IUGR weighing 1220 grams, and Xavier was born at 35 & 5 weeks and was 5lbs.  Xavier's blood sugar was a 5 at birth and he was incredibly sick, while Elijah was a feed & grow premie.  The NICU is hallow ground to me.  No one wants to be a NICU mom or dad.  No one wants to leave the hospital without their baby.  But as a NICU mom - you are grateful to eventually go home with your baby, because the reality is - not all babies leave the unit.  When I walk the halls today I am reminded that it is a place so close to life and death.  That experience changes you. 

Working in the baby industry, I became involved with the March of Dimes before I had the boys.  They were working on getting Progesterone shots available for mom who had a premature birth already, and those shots actually kept Xavier in 4 weeks longer than Elijah.  It is amazing that in that short time, I was able to see the donations help research & advocacy and actually benefited from it personally. Last year were asked to be the local March of Dimes Ambassador family, and were honored to be able to share the story of our miracle babies in order to raise money to help other families. 

My boys are full of energy, and are happy and healthy today.  We feel so blessed for that because given our odds - it could have been a very different outcome.  We are excited to say that our goal at Momma Love is to help give back to this cause every chance we get!  Because saying thank you could never be enough for the gift of being their parents. Check out our team fundraising page and please donate or join a walk.  You can also call your local NICU and ask what you could donate to help families.  Sometimes they need snacks for families, books, or even baby items since these babies usually come before a momma gets a baby shower.  Just give!

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