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My Miracle is Granted

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When my mom got sick, I prayed and prayed for a miracle.  People all over the world, prayed for a miracle as well.  It was a feeling that I can't describe.  Sometimes I could feel the prayers and vibes wrapped around me like a blanket.  The feeling was so strong I could almost touch it.  It was very powerful, and I will never forget that feeling.  But the thing about miracles, is that they don't always come how we expect them.
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So about that miracle.  I finally got it.  Week after week I got to see this baby grow bigger and bigger.  Finally they were able to bring my appointments down to every other week, and then once a month.  At 20 weeks, we learned we were having a boy, and I was finally able and ready to share the news with everyone.  It was scary and I almost lost him a few times, but he is here.  His name is Elijah David, and he is now 3.  I'll save the dramatic entrance for a different post.  The point of this post, is that I never gave up hope.  Against all odds.  A year later, we welcomed another little boy, Xavier David.  He also had a scary rocky entrance to this world.  But they survived.  I SURVIVED.  For all the tears and heartaches, I have had one thousand times more hugs, kisses, and laughs.  My odds of having them were 1 in 100 million.  Less than 1%. This right here is the heart and soul of Momma Love.  Because the love of a mother transcends all things, even the heavens.  Because giving up is never an option.  Because even against all odds, miracles DO happen.  Because at the end of the day you should always have hope, love, and appreciation.  Because really, it's all about the little things.   erin-01

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