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Losing a Parent & Losing a Baby

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My mom didn't come home from that stay.  Well not as herself anyways.  Momma Love StoryJust a shell of her came home with us. 

It was strange, one day we were laying in her hospital bed together - watching the last Oprah show reminiscing on how much we would miss it.  Really, reminiscing about how much we would miss each other...  I got a call, it was Saturday morning and my stepdad had spent the night at the hospital.  He said, "Erin - your mom is not your mom anymore, you need to get here right away".  Once at the hospital, they told us this was the end.  She didn't have long, and they made arrangements for her to come home via ambulance on hospice.  The whole time she was sick I had hope, right up until that moment.  I couldn't talk, I barely ate.  I laid in her bed at the house and showed her a video I took of the ultrasound.  A little tiny baby bean was bouncing around.  It was the furthest I had come being pregnant.  She gave me a sad smile.  I felt peace in knowing that if she couldn't share the normal grandparent experiences with me - at least I had that.  At least I was able to share that beautiful little bouncing bean.   After a horrific struggle right until the end, my mom passed away the morning of June 14, 2011.  Exactly 1 year to the day she was diagnosed.  While I was glad she wasn't suffering, it was the hardest thing to say goodbye.  A few days after her funeral, I went in for an ultrasound and learned that the baby had died.  I was almost 12 weeks pregnant, so close to being in the "safe zone".  They say the two hardest things in life are the death of a child and the death of parent.  I lost both in one week...  


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    I’m so sorry.

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