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Mother's Day

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It was Mother's Day.  A few weeks earlier we learned that the chemo had stopped working, and that the cancer had spread. 
Momma Love Story Chapter 5

We were supposed to go on a family vacation as we had never been on one before.  But my mom was too sick to board the cruise, it wouldn't be safe.  When my husband and I returned a week we learned that she didn't have long.  It was devastating.  So going into Mother's Day, we knew it would be our last.  That stung so bad. I woke up that morning and peed on a stick.  Sure enough, it was positive.  I thought, wow - maybe this time will be it.  It is my mom's last Mother's day and this is my break.  That for all the hell I was going through, I had a silver lining. I bought my mom a grandmother card, and told her she had to fight to make it.  She gave me a sad smile knowing that would probably not happen. Later that day she got very very sick.  My last Mother's day with her ended with an emergency trip and what would be a long hospital trip filled with surgeries and draining tubes and lots of things a person should never see a loved one go through. To this day - I have a VERY hard time on Mother's Day.  I get anxious when the commercials come on TV, and I'm not sure I will get over it.  


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