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The Ugly Truth About Cancer

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Momma Love The Story Chpt 4My mom started chemo immediately.  We were figuring out to come to terms with the fact that she was only given 5 years.  I immediately thought, what if she doesn't get to become a grandma.  I was on a mission, I wanted her to experience that kind of joy.  I wanted to experience that kind of joy with her.
I knew my mom would be the best grandma ever.  I had amazing grandmothers.  My mom's mom, my Grammy, used to do art and crafts with me.  We would color eggs, go sledding, go to the beach, the movies.  It was always exciting.  My mom loved all that stuff too.  She was going to be an amazing grandmother.  I remember praying, God please just give us time.  Please give us these expriences together.
At first we took this shock in stride.  We started going for family walks every day.  Eating family dinner every day.  We celebrated my moms 50th birthday with balloons as she received the poison that was going to help save her.  Except it didn't work.
We started a mission to make memories.  On Thanksgiving that year, my mom who wasn't feeling well, got up and drove me to the church to feed the poor.  We did every Christmas event we could.  Visited every craft fair.  We played games on the computer when she was tired and snuggled on the couch watching movies.
Right before Christmas all the chemo finally caught up with her and she got really sick.  She ended up in the hospital.  In fact so did I.  My mom had surgery to remove an infected port, and I had surgery to remove another baby.  We sat laying in hospital beds next to each other recovering.  Christmas was only a few days away and we had to get home to celebrate.
We knew the 5 years we thought we were promised, were dwindling.  We were running out of time...

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