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Let me back it up a bit here.  My mom was a single mom most of my life.  She was amazing.  She went to school and got her degree while working full time to support me.  She saved up enough money to buy us a house all by herself.  She literally did it all.  She was more than just a mom.  I didn't have any blood siblings so she was like a sister, my mom was my best friend.  She was always my biggest supporter.erins post_CHAPTER 3-01
My mom was my biggest inspiration for life.  She was all about the ASK.BELIEVE.RECEIVE. positive way of living life.  She helped pick me up everytime I fell down.  She volunteered at a homeless shelter, she taught computer science at a correctional school for boys where she became like a mother to so many kids who never had a momma.  She was a saint.
It was springtime.  We were in the backyard.  She told me she found a lump.  It was probably cancer.  I told her that she would be okay.  To go in and opt for a double mastectomy.  Get those suckers cut off.  They had given her back pain for years and she didn't need them.  She just needed to live.  People beat cancer all the time.  Especially breast cancer.  I was her biggest cheerleader.
The next few weeks we were all strapped into our little cars of a rollercoaster we couldn't get off of.  She went for a mammogram and the next day the lumps had spread to armpits.  It was really scary she could feel it spreading before she even had a diagnosis.  It happened so fast.
On June 14th 2010 my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3C Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Triple negative means that the cancer is not caused by hormones like estrogen.  This kind was not easy to treat, and came with a death sentence of 5 years on average.  That news rocked my world.  Hadn't I been through enough?  Even typing this now, years later is bringing tears to my eyes.  I'll never forget that kind of pain.  It is etched in my soul.

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